The time has come….

I’m finally learning what it’s like to find that special someone that makes your entire world feel complete. I can’t predict my future, but I can feel something surrounding me that I never want to go away. I trusted God to put the right person into my life that will take away all of my sorrow and heal all of the heartache that other men caused. My selflessness can soar and my heart can burn for love that I’ve never been given. Any positive emotion that one can experience is happening to me all at once. I’m excited to wake up to find out what the day is bringing me. I’m ecstatic to start a new journey with a companion that wants me in his arms every day. The blessings I’m being handed are worth every minute of pain that I’ve experienced in the past. I’ve found something and someone that completes me. I’m falling deeper into this lust, love, and happiness as the minutes tick by. I know this can only get better for Camryn and everyone involved. For once, I can say…I’m happy!

You are MY awesome K.O.

Stay tuned….


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