New milestone

I’ve been clouded with thoughts of my future these days and finally reached deep inside my soul to figure out what will truly make my life happier. My childhood surfaced and I realize I’m living a life that I think others will find acceptable, not a life that makes me happy. My new goal is to end up somewhere that doesn’t require such a fast paced environment. I’ve done nothing but bring extra stress and chaos into my life and I want Camryn to enjoy the simple pleasures that life can bring. I have a soft heart and would love to be a part if a community that I can help give back and help others in need. The easy-living way of life. I crave watching the sun set at night and giving myself a chance to breathe and relax. Being diagnosed with clinical depression and now suffering from multiple health issues, it seems I’m not in the right place. I know this isn’t something I can achieve overnight, but I now have hope that one day my life will find peace and Camryn can feel a sense of relief.  I’m going to keep praying that I make the right decisions that lead me down a path that reaches my goal.

Stay tuned…


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