Amber’s vow to Amber

I’ve made a vow to myself to stop wasting my energy into people who KNOW they are taking advantage of my love and kindness.  It hit me last night that I’m never going to find happiness in a relationship/friendship if I don’t move the hell on from people who don’t WANT to put me at the top of their priority list or even ON their priority list.  I’m not asking to be put on a pedestal, if anything I never want that, but I am needing to feel returned love if it’s desired.  I can no longer accept someone who is ashamed to tell his friends that he loves me and spends time with me.  I can longer accept the guy who delivers nothing but empty promises and steals my beauty from me for his own pleasure without any respect in return.  It is sad that someone as broken and beautiful as me is never giving the opportunity to feel worthy of others love and time.   For the first time in a looooong time, I’m learning to accept who I am as a woman and I’m feeling proud of what I have to offer in a relationship.  It is my responsibility to take care of myself and if I allow unkind, selfish, and cold people into my life, I should expect pain. Frankly, I’ve been through enough of that bullshit and no longer want it in my life.  I’m vowing to continue to love the people who deserve it and most of all MYSELF!!

Stay tuned…


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