Screaming Weiners & Benadryl

Did you know if you put the cheese filled hot dogs in the microwave, they sound like little miniature people screaming for help when they are almost done cooking??? Well, they do or at least I think they do.  I was doped up on about 3 benadryl when this happened because I’m allergic to everything on this earth, including myself.  But, just in case I’m not making this up, I felt you should know.  Anywho…I have a parent/teacher conference today, so I’m sure all the little secrets Camryn hides from me will surface.  ::sigh:: Can’t wait.  She is going to stay with her dad this weekend, which might be a good thing if this conference doesn’t go well.  That will give me some time to come up with a really creative discipline because the normal “lets talk about this” doesn’t work on my child.  I had to bribe her with candy corn this morning to get her to follow our normal routine (don’t judge me, she ain’t stupid).  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my free weekend, but I’m trying to make sure I stay focused on me. I might use this time to pamper myself, maybe meet some new friends. Who knows?? I’m slowly ridding my life of people who have always judged me, like to play with my emotions, and are just fake.  I have a few left to shoo away, but I like to hold on to hope.  Unfortunately. Oh well.  So, my severe emotion storm is starting to calm a little.  I still don’t feel like I’m back in a happy place, but I see the light at the end of this tunnel.  I’m starting to feel like fighting for happiness is the way of my life, but one day my fight will end, and I will live happily ever after! On most days. 🙂

Happy Friday!!


Stay tuned….



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