You might be a bad mom if…

YOU ACT LIKE A HOODLUM…and allow your 6 year old daughter to follow in your footsteps!!  I had my first heartbreaking moment as a mom this morning, watching my daughter’s feelings being squished by some ill-mannered little girl who OBVIOUSLY doesn’t know how to treat other people.  I blame the parents or mom or dad or whoever is raising this little girl and thinks it’s OK for her to act that way.  The sad part is, whoever was in the car, sat and watched her be ugly to my Camryn.   As a full time working single mother, Camryn’s time is limited on playing with friends.  She begs me for a little brother or sister, just to have someone to play with at home.  It actually makes me sad sometimes, as I don’t know if that day will ever come.  Anywho,  Camryn was so excited to jump out of the car this morning, as I was dropping her off at school, to catch up and walk with this little girl (we’ll call her mean girl) because that’s what she is, so mean girl turns around as my baby is running toward her (so excited to see a friend) and rolls her eyes in disgust that Camryn wanted to walk with her.  So, Camryn keeps trying to call her name and wants to just walk with her and mean girl shakes her head “no”.  At this point, it’s taking everything in me to not throw my car in park and give mean girl a nice talking too about her shitty attitude.  Camryn had a look of defeat and sadness, I couldn’t resist stopping and rolling down my window to tell her I love her one more time.  I watched in my rear view mirror to see if mean girl decided to stop being a coldhearted little “you know what” and sure enough, my girl walked alone in the crosswalk, holding her envelope with book fair money in it, so lonely and feeling like she doesn’t have a friend in this world.  Then I realized, mean girl probably get it from her mama, so then I wanted to catch up to the car and tell her mean mama what I think about her mean kid. UGH!!!! Coming from a world of being bullied in school, it makes me want to cry thinking about the way my poor baby felt at that very moment.  On a good note, her book fair happened to fall on pay day so I was able to spare a little cash for her to buy herself a book or something fun.  Since we are always so financially strapped for money, she doesn’t get to enjoy most extra curricular events through school.  I know I’m going to have to deal with these things throughout her life, but damn, does it have to hurt your heart this bad?  Only a decent mother could understand.  Mean girls’ mom probably thinks it’s cute, but little does she know, Camryn’s mom is crazier than a drunk tasmanian devil who just ran out of vodka.  My child was taught mannners and to live by the Golden Rule for a reason and should NEVER be treated the way mean girl treated her this morning.  This isn’t me just being biased, Camryn would give someone the shirt off her back if they needed it.  She gets that from ME, her mama, and I’m damn proud!

I love her more than words can ever describe…

Just the two of us


One thought on “You might be a bad mom if…

  1. mom says:

    Yes and Camryns grandmother swings a mean bat!!! I love you both so much!

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