Who needs a job?? Just wave when we drive by..

After crawling out of the pit of depression, which I call my own personalized shit hole, my thoughts are starting to slow down and I feel the weight lifting off of my shoulders.  Life is dandy again, until the next time my depression takes complete control of my life.  It feels good to be back. 

So one thing I have brag about today is my daughter, she is such a trooper in life.  She analyzes every detail of her day and manages to teach me new ways of life.  I would like to think she gets her caring side from me.  The conversation we had on the way to school yesterday…

Camryn: Mom, you know why those men stand there and wave when we drive by?

Me: Why?

Camryn: Because they need a job

Me: Well, yeah, you are right.

Camryn: We should give them one.

Me: Mom doesn’t have extra money to give them a job.

Camryn: They could come clean the apartment or something, that wouldn’t cost a lot.

Me: I don’t think that is the type of work they do.  They build fences and fix houses and stuff like that.

Camryn: Oooohhhh, Well…one weekend when you have a lot of money and we live in a big house with a big backyard, they can come build me a treehouse and then they will have a job.

Me: ::sigh:: That is very nice of you to be so concerned about them, but I’m not sure how soon that weekend will come.

Camryn: True. We will just have to wait and see mom, but one day we should give them a job.

Me: ok ::sigh::

She really does have everything figured out.  She is the coolest 6 year old and she is mine.  That is so very cool to me. I’m proud to be her Mom! I’m the only person on this earth that has this opportunity.

Happy Easter!


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