Crying for peace…

Not a single person understands my pain. I don’t do anything the way that I’m suppose too. I’m not even a good mom anymore. So many fake people in my life that I keep allowing to tell me who I am. I love somebody who thinks I will never be good enough, but has played me for so long, it is almost impossible to just walk away. The depression is worse, my meds aren’t working like before. I feel like I am having an outer body experience, but nothing feels good. Nothing. The people who say they love me don’t know how to help and they don’t understand what this feels like. It isn’t something I do to myself. I so badly want to give up because I am so tired. So tired of hurting and being confused and loving people who don’t love me back because I am not good enough. I hate my life and me. All I want is to feel better.


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