The “F” word

When I started this blog, my hope is that I can inspire or help another single mom out there that needs to know someone else “gets it”….

Last night, after a loooong day at work, Camryn and I came home to no electricity.  I’m late on rent and negative in my account after a payday loan was drafted automatically on payday and paying the minimum amount to get the electric back on.  So, thankfully I had a place to go, even if it was on a couch. We had warmth, lights, and the company of someone who cares about us. I knew I was late on my electric bill, but I was trying to push it one more day to wait on another loan to hit. Point is…I’m sad and feel guilty for not being able to keep a consistent happiness in life.  If it wasn’t for my mom helping almost every month, we would living back at home with her and my dad…and my sister…and the dog.  So, as my parent’s used to always talk about the “F” word..I’m saying it now…I’m “FORTUNATE” to at least have a caring family and “man friend” (A.K.A. Justin) to help me out in times like this.  There are families out there that are worse off than me and if I could share my heat and food with them, I would do it.  People may judge me, but I am most thankful for everyone in my life who keeps Camryn and myself close to their hearts and understand how hard this life really is for me.  I hope one day to be able to give back what has been given to me.  If there is anyone out there that actually reads this and feels like they can’t keep their head above water, hang in there because the storm will calm. Keep your faith and never stop paddling because your child/children are learning from us and good karma does exist.

Happy Holidays to all.


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