The Attitude Eye

If I had a dollar for every time Camryn gave me the attitude eye, my full-time job would turn part-time.  As I was staring into Camryn’s “attitude eye” I starting thinking, “Why does she do that?”, then it hit me….This is the look that all my ex boyfriends HATE! So, now what do I do, let her keep it? Sure, why not? I’m sure some lovely man will need an attitude eye every now and again that she will date when she is 30.  I would be lying if I don’t want to scream every time she looks at me with it, but “like mother, like daughter”

Sooo…I haven’t blogged in a while and probably need to do a re-cap of life in the past week or so….

Thanksgiving ran smooth, as it was my first year to “host” Thanksgiving, even though mom cooked.  I felt all domestic doing “wife” shit and a little depressed it was yet another holiday without Justin. (The confused ex)

Camryn’s dad (Aj, the ex who will always stay an ex) never surfaced for thanksgiving, which isn’t a surprising thing, at all.

I have some kind of bronchitish shit going on from an allergy attack due to Justin’s dog.

Camryn hates school, didn’t want to go back, but bounced off the wall all Thanksgiving holiday and going back to school was a must. My poor mom.

My parents have moved back into their home after the neighbors caught their town home on fire and the smoke/water damage displaced them for 3 months. That was fun.

Speaking of poor mom. I’m going on my first girl’s trip this weekend for my beautiful friend Lori’s birthday (pics to come).  Can’t wait!! Mom is keeping Camryn because more than likely her dad won’t follow through on keeping her.

My Gimommy is back home and was ablw to spend Thanksgiving with us. She is eighty-two years young and still driving and lives alone. Gotta love her!!

Ok, blogging at work, so gotta go…Stay tuned….



One thought on “The Attitude Eye

  1. mom says:

    I know that look and the pouty one too! mom

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