Wanted: New Mom…Lesson learned…I think…

So, after I have repeated myself 8 times telling Camryn to get dressed for school, she decides she wants a new mom.

Camryn: “I don’t want you to be my mom.”

Me: “Well, I’m the only mom you have, so you might want to try and like me.”

Camryn: “I wish I wasn’t here.”

Me: “Where do you wish you were?”

Camryn: “I don’t know”

Me: “Ok, you let me know when you figure out where you want to be and I’ll go find a new mom for you.” “Deal?”

Camryn: ::silence::


Me: “I love you Camryn.”

Camryn: “I love you too mom.” “I was just kidding about not wanting you.”

Me: “Well, good because God gave me you for a reason and I don’t want a new daughter.”

Camryn: “Yeah, that would make me sad.”

Me: “Exactly” “How do you think mom feels when you say you want a new mom?”

Camryn: “Ok mom, can we just not talk about this anymore?”

Me: ::sigh::


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