Life IS weird

Waking up to Disney channel, the dog and Camryn at my feet. First question of the day…

Camryn: “Why is life so weird?”
Me: “How is it weird?”
Camryn: “It just is, I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking you.”
Me: “Why are you up so early, it’s Saturday”
Camryn: “Because I need cough medicine” ::hack, hack::
Me: “Great, that sounds beautiful”
Camryn: “Told you mom”
Camryn: “Can we have donuts?”
Me: “Not today”
Camryn: “You’re mean”
Me: “I’m about to get mean”

As she crosses her arms and goes to let the dog inside after his morning pee….I hear…

Camryn: “Mom, it’s not my fault”

I’m scared to look and she is holding a piece of the blinds, a blind blade, I don’t know what they are called. I’ve had my eyes open for 5 minutes, it’s 7:40am on a saturday and it’s officially “Grandma time”. Since Camryn’s dad is MIA most of the time and what I mean by MIA is he is shacked up with his girlfriend, 4 hours away, with her kid or kids, we aren’t sure how many. She has given birth to 2, but the baby is never mentioned, not even by Camryn, who sees them once a month. Which happens to be perfectly fine with me. Ok, I’m off subject….

So, here it goes…time to get this party started…

We are headed to the grocery store to get cough medicine and milk, etc… considering I have a frozen pizza and that is it. NO DONUTS! I’m sure this trip will be interesting since I feel like I check my sanity at the door every time I walk in the place with Camryn. Pray for me.

Stay tuned…..


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